Atelier d'experiences

Fashion Experience With a Stylist

- Tailored fashion experience guided by a fashion consultant, who will style you throughout the tour sharing fashion and styling tips 
- Local luxury is at the heart of what we do: We only work with brands that stand out for the quality of their creations - we want your new found treasures to last as long as the memory of the experience

- The experience will include exclusive private showroom and studio appointments where you will have the chance to meet with some of the designers, and learn about what inspired them in their creations
- You will also receive exclusive discounts to use during the experience and after 

Duration 3:30h - 4h


- Our team will contact you to discuss your style, individual needs, goals & budget: a stylist will design the experience based on this preliminary discussion
- The experience will start with your stylist explaining the choice of designers and shops included in the walk, and giving you some styling guidelines in which you will focus during the walk 
-Your stylist will style you throughout the walk sharing fashion and styling tips
- At the end of the experience you will receive a report that includes a summary of the personalised styling guidelines discussed during the experience

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