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Maison Eisa was founded by Daniela Galeote who grew up inspired by the stories of her maternal family, the Balenciaga family. They supported “Uncle Cristóbal” (Balenciaga), the couturier and creator from his beginnings with “EISA Costura”, until what later became Balenciaga.

Through these stories she learned to view and appreciate true luxury as individuality and excellence,  which has served as the driving influence to found Maison Eisa. Those learnings paired with her background in finance and business, enabled her to launch Maison Eisa with the mission of promoting and helping brands who share our care core values.

Our sales team, composed of a team in Madrid and representative in Dubai, is characterised by its extensive experience and knowledge of the sector along with its passion for fashion.

Feeling identified with the brands that we represent is essential to us, as well as a shared sense of aesthetics and the emotional empathy of the team are key to building long-lasting relationships and covering our client's commercial needs.