We promote a conscious consumption model while supporting independent fashion designers that believe, like us, in a slower, more ethical and sustainable way of making fashion. 

We will only bring you slow luxury brands that embody what we believe luxury was and should be about: quality, craftsmanship, design, attention to detail, uniqueness, and authenticity.

In terms of style, our focus is elegant with an edge. 

Slow luxury collections don’t respond to a fashion trend, they are made to last and make memories with you.
Our stylist's mission is to help you find your style while building a sustainable wardrobe. Discover our complimentary specialist services as well as our expert experiences:


The essence of slow luxury is artisanal work where there is no room for mass production. This means editions are limited – you acquire something unique and of high quality. This also means many designers work on a pre-order basis.

It also means in many cases orders can be personalised making your new possession even more exclusive.

However, we do understand in some cases we simply need it now – please let us know if there is any item under a pre-order policy that you need urgently and we will check availability in showrooms so that we can send you the item immediately.


Since the artisanal work and time invested in each piece does not vary with the seasons, offering mass sales is not viable for our designers.

Ultimately, it works against the movement towards conscious consumption that we believe in.

Use the discount code PAUSE on checkout and a 10% discount will be applied on the most sustainable brands and on all pre-orders.


Because taking a little pause and waiting for your clothes to be made, is the antithesis of fast fashion.

In order to reward your support, our members will receive exclusive discounts from us to use indistinctively with any designer, as well as access to more designers and other perks: