Maison Eisa was founded in Madrid in 2020 by Daniela Galeote after a career in investment banking which she quit to learn to code and launch a wealth tech startup in Switzerland.

Daniela grew up inspired by the stories of her maternal family, the Balenciaga family. They supported “Uncle Cristóbal” (Balenciaga), the couturier and creator from his beginnings with “EISA Costura”, until what later became Balenciaga.

Through these stories she learned to view and appreciate true luxury as individuality and high-quality,  which has served as the driving influence to found Maison Eisa.

“From my grandmother I learned to observe a garment in detail, to understand how it had been made and to have a greater sensitivity for the materials used, the choice of place and shape of the seams or how a well-thought out design is decisive in the fall of a garment. Celebrating having few things, but of good quality (well done) and repeating outfits - bringing back those values has been my main motivation for launching Maison Eisa".