Maxi Skirt


Scalo works with a cooperative of women weavers in the Guatemalan highlands since their very beginning in 2015. 

Most of the textiles from the SCALO 502 collection are woven using a backstrap loom. The pole or tree to which the loom is attached is thought to be an aspect of the World Tree, a central figure in the creation of the world according to Maya World view. The World Tree is represented as a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld.

The tree/pole supports the assembled loom by way of a rope which symbolizes an umbilical cord that acts as a conduit to the ancestors. The rope therefore represents the link between the ancestors and the living, embodied by the weaver sitting at the other end of the loom. Accordingly, the weaving that she creates is thought to be alive, though sustained by an ancestral, even primordia, past. As a result, the traje is a means of connecting to the ancestors, and therefore, of crucial importance for the preservation of Mayan heritage.


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