Custom design by Fosca

Karl Legerfeld fell at the feet of Artist Fosca Bertrán when in 2003 he happened to stumble upon one of her three-meter hand-painted scarves. That meeting completely changed the life of then architect Fosca, who until then painted only as a hobby.

Since then, Fosca has collaborated with many designers such as Balenciaga or Juanjo Oliva among others. 

To think of Fosca is to think of a world of colour, so it was definitely a challenge when a client asked Fosca if she could design a pair of sneakers in just black. Nevertheless she was able to do so and still maintain her unique essence: these zebra sneakers were the result.

If you'd like your own custom made pair of sneakers hand painted by Artist Fosca Bertrán tell us what you have in mind: 



1. Our discussion will serve as inspiration to Fosca, who will then prepare a couple of designs for you to review

2.  Once you agree on a design, Fosca will start painting her art piece on your sneakers, which will be ready for delivery within a week

3. Delivery time: 2-7 days

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