Fa002 - Square Peace Silk Scarf


- "New York Air" from the collection: "Fixed Air"
- The inspiration for the illustrations comes from the role of air in the urban environment. The last realm of nature around us, imperceptible and indispensable in equal parts. The perfect metaphor of the importance of purposeful design in positive change. “There is no life without air just as there is no progress without design”
- “Fixed Air” started as a challenge: generate through design and aesthetics the maximum positive impact with the minimum amount of resources. And translated into a work process in which by applying sustainable design principles throughout the whole production chain (product, packaging, manufacturing and distribution) Sidikai was able to create a beautiful piece with the highest positive impact possible

- 100% cruelty-free silk scarf (aka Peace Silk)
- Original illustration by artist Mónica Gramunt inspired by New York's sky through the buildings
- Zero-Waste scarf and packaging
- 100% toxic-free dyes
- Rolled by hand
- Ethically made in India
- Carbon neutral distribution


- 90cm × 90cm

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