FDC was born with a clear international vocation creating accessories and complements for museums and institutions, allowing Francisco Salazar, the Founder, to develop his potential as an entrepreneur

His dedication and pursuit of excellence has opened him the doors of the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum, Spanish Senate, the Ministry of Culture, the Cervantes Institute, LVMH Group, Carolina Herrera and the Astroc Foundation, among others.


In the field of jewellery FDC works with great masters of the trades both in goldsmithing - where they work with Alberto Plasencia's workshops - and in lapidary-gemology area - where they work with Adrados. In the textile field, FDC works with artisans on looms in India, Spain and Italy.


Creative freedom, the pursuit of perfection, innovation in the design of the pieces and the quality of the materials guide FDC's work.

FDC only works with natural gems. Each collection is made up of several designs based on a common inspiration, but with a differentiated final execution that is the result of the peculiar characteristics of each gem, making each piece unique

FDC's studio is in Madrid, Spain. Contact us to schedule a  private visit to their studio, or a call to discuss
creating an original piece for you.

Some examples of custom made pieces made at their Atelier

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